My Story

After learning courses through others sites I decided to create my own so that I have more flexibility with the content and how it is presented. I have been inspired to write apps ever since I saw my friend with his IPhone 3 and reading books and playing games on his phone. Having limited places to learn iPhone programming I was determined to teach myself though hit a lot of walls. After doing a few courses online though RMIT's online university courses I threw myself in the deep end and learnt how to program with Java and C. By learning these languages it gave me a better idea of how to create and understand the development of an app. Through this site I hope you get to demolish the walls holding you back from creating your ideas and dreams and bringing them to life in what ever format you wish. Good luck on your learning adventure as it has just begun!

Certified Teachers

“Learn anywhere, anytime at your own pace”

Gerard Grundy, Founder

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