100 Days of Swift

100 Days of Swift

Swift Day 5 – Strings Challenges


  • Make a multiline String
  • Create a constant String
  • Will this String work?
    • “Hi there, “Bill””
  • Write a Unicode Scalar
  • Create an empty String
  • Check if a String is empty
  • Add one string to another
  • Count the characters in a String
  • How would you put the number 5(Int value) into a String
  • Get the index of the 4th letter of this word → Hello
  • Insert an exclamation after the last letter using insert
  • remove the letter e from Hello
  • Find how many names start with the prefix Mr
    • Mr Bob, Miss France, Mister Billy, Mrs Jazz
  • Print the UTF-8 representation of the String → “G’day 😀”


Wow lots of challenges.  That’ll keep me busy. See you soon in the following lectures with videos to solve the above. In the mean time good luck. This might take a few days to do.

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