Grade 4 Guitar

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Learn the Natural minor scale



  • GMaj7 of the E string
  • CMaj7 of the A string
  • Gm7 of the E String
  • Cm7 of the A String
  • G7 of the E String (review)
  • C7 of the A String


Seventh arpeggios

Read Rhythms with eight notes

Recognize the intervals P4 and P5

Recognise the difference between Maj and min chords

General Knowledge

  • Time signatures 4/4
  • Recognise markings in a score – D.C. – D.S. – Coda –
  • Recognise whole, half, quarter, 8 notes and 16th notes
  • How are Maj7, min7 and Dom 7th chords are constructed.


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