Sight Reading Challenge – Step 1 – Levels 1 – 8

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In this course we are going to learn notes on the first three frets of your guitar.
Complete the lessons without looking the TAB, though as most of the music you find on the internet is TAB…. so do both 🙂
Getting to know the notes and the TAB will make you a well adapted musician.
All the best on your musical journey.

– Keep your fingers ready for notes that are coming up
– If your fingers are moving around a lot then your doing it wrong!!!
– You should be able to press a finger down without having to move it 5mm ( yes half a centimetre!)
– Accuracy is the key and always look at the notes
– Some of the exercises you will memorise though make sure to look at the notes.. WE ARE LEARNING TO READ! NOT MEMORIZE!

Your challenge is to play through the exercises as accurately as possible. Feel free to record them and send them to me to check.  If there are heaps I’ll do my best to check as many as I can though also get someone else to listen to your playing along with the exercises and see if the have any constructive criticism.

Guitar is hard! and you may come across some bumps (frets) though it’s worth it!

Adjust the videos speed to the below percentages.
See what level sight reading proficiency you can get up to.

Level 1 – 50%
Level 2 – 70%
Level 3 – 80%
Level 4 – 100%
Level 5 – 110%
Level 6 – 120%
Level 7 – 130%
Level 8 – 140%

Here is how to adjust the speed of the videos for the exercises



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